Guided visits

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Check availability
  • Contact phone: (+34) 902 76 05 11

How to purchase a ticket

Group visits are not allowed on Saturdays at any time or on Sundays before 3pm.
• You can reserve tickets and pay up to 72 hours prior to the visit, checking your reservations and selecting those you wish to pay for. After the 72 hours are up and 24 hours prior to the visit, you can only enter to make a direct purchase for a group visit in conformance with the available places left.
• Select Permanent Collection or Temporary Exhibition in the fold-out window at the upper left of your screen.
• Indicate the number of tickets and what type of tickets.
• The maximum number of members for a group is 27 when you visit the Permanent Collection or 22 when you buy the Combined ticket of the Temporary exhibition.
• Select the desired date for the visit in the calendar at the bottom.
• Next select the available time for the selected date, as shown on the right of the screen.

Introducing your details
• You must introduce your details in all the boxes In order to make the reservation and the definitive purchase of a ticket.
• Remember that you must include a valid e-mail address, to which we will send your receipt of ticket purchase.

Bank account details
• To correctly purchase a ticket you must introduce your credit card number (VISA and Mastercard are accepted), along with its expiry date and the CVV2 code (on the back of the card).
• In case of an error on the website, please contact: 902 76 05 11. Do not cancel or repeat the operation.
• Once you have made the payment, the ticket will be sent to your e-mail address. It is advisable to note down the booking reference number and to print out the purchase confirmation before closing the final window.
• These tickets do not permit changes or cancellations.


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